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My Home Move leads the conveyancing revolution with Voice biometrics - as it moves forward with ‘Nuance’

My Home Move is continuing to lead the conveyancing revolution, as it announces its commitment to implement the Nuance Biometrics Platform –  as recently featured in HSBC’s TV advertising - to make conveyancing quicker, easier and safer for its clients.

Once launched and seamlessly integrated into My Home Move’s existing telephony systems and customer journey, the voice biometrics system will ensure clients no longer have to answer a series of security questions when they call to speak to their conveyancer. Instead their voice will be matched to a recording, or print, taken during the company’s initial ID verification process.

The screening process, which will take only a few moments, identifies over 100 points of measurement within the voice print, and when every point is matched the caller’s identity is verified, routing their call directly to the conveyancer with confirmation of the verified status. If the voice match fails then other factors, such as additional security questions, will be used to authenticate the client before they can proceed to talk to the conveyancer about their case.

Commenting on this investment, Doug Crawford, CEO of My Home Move said,

“We have been at the forefront of delivering cutting edge technology to our clients for over a decade. Voice biometrics are another important protection against a variety of fraud types that are on the increases so we have proactively sought and invested in a solution to ensure the protection of our client’s data from such threats.   

“The banking sector are rapidly adopting voice biometrics because it works and customers like it. We think that conveyancing clients deserve the same levels of protection, so as the first conveyancer in the UK to implement Voice biometrics for the benefit of our clients and their Lenders, we are reinforcing our commitment and trailblazing position within the industry, to delivering exceptional customer service.”

Through Voice biometrics, My Home Move can ensure:

  • Greater protection of their clients’ data as the likelihood of fraudulent calls is significantly reduced
  • Frustrations felt by the client at having to remember passwords or security answers are minimised, as the voice matching process is seamlessly built into the call routing system

Continuing, Doug Crawford said, “Voice biometrics will not only help to speed up the customer journey, allowing our clients to discuss case details within seconds of making a call, but it will also ensure our conveyancers are fully confident in knowing who they are talking to, every time and from the beginning of every verified call. We take our duty of care incredibly seriously, as well as our commitment to revolutionising the customer experience of conveyancing.”


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