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eWay - Revolutionary Conveyancing

eWay, our award-winning online case-management service and accompanying app, enables us to complete cases an average of three weeks quicker than the national average.

We have created an online conveyancing service that matches the best in retail and banking, giving clients the ability to manage their case whenever they want, from wherever they are, via a smartphone, tablet or PC. The eWay app is also available to download, making it even easier for clients to manage their case on the move. Watch the online demo here. 

Benefits of eWay include:

  • Conveyancing on the go - eWay is mobile-friendly and uses the very best in smart technology, so clients can manage their move, on the move, from a smartphone or tablet. The eWay app will also send clients push notifications so they are always kept up-to-date with their case.

  • Clear progress - The eWay dial shows the client how their case is progressing. Each section is a milestone in the conveyancing process – the fuller the section is, the closer it is to being completed. Clients can also upload the majority of their signed documents to eWay by taking a photograph on their smartphone or tablet.

  • Action notifications - Red task indicators appear on the dial sections letting clients know that there are tasks to be completed.

  • Online interactive forms - Nearly all documentation can be completed by using eWay’s interactive forms, which are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. Using eWay speeds up the conveyancing process, as there is no need to wait for the post or pay additional postage charges.

  • Here to help - eWay has a suite of useful video guides and guidance sections, to help clients understand what they need to do.

  • Latest activity - All of the actions that the client and their conveyancer have taken to progress the case is available to view through eWay, including documents that have been completed and calls that have been made on the client’s behalf.

  • Personal – Each client receives their own unique login, so all of their cases can be accessed using one set of details. The eWay homescreen can also be personalised with photographs of the property, giving it that personal touch.

  • Regular contact – The conveyancer will be in regular contact with the client, however if the clients need to speak to them at any stage, the conveyancer’s contact details can be found on the homescreen. In addition, the client can use the contact details section on the app, which allows them to call or email at the touch of a button.

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